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Dear World, I Have Ambition


Do you have distinct parts of yourself that get into long and tedious arguments?

I do. Right now, it’s the “ambitious” part of me and the “have some perspective” part of me.

The ambitious part of me fundamentally believes that I’m on a path to have more reach as a writer than I do now. The perspective-seeking part of me believes that too, but doesn’t like to admit it. They usually start the argument around mile two of a nine-mile run, and around mile eight, they just agree to disagree.

The ambitious part is like, Judi, you’ve been doing this for 20 years! 20 years! This is your time! To which the perspective-seeking part replies, What is time anyway? And really, you’re healthy and your family is healthy and you have everything you need, so why are you so worried about more?

They are both right and they are both wrong. Luckily, I run a lot, so they get ample time to make their case to each other.

Do other people have arguments with themselves like this? Is it possible that I think too much? That all this back-and-forth bantering inside myself is just a sign of extreme privilege and not enough real-life things to worry about? Could the whole thing just be one big blind spot?

All I know for certain is that I’m going to keep writing! And I’m going to keep promoting my book, WOULD I LIE TO YOU? THE AMAZING POWER OF BEING HONEST IN A WORLD THAT LIES, even though I sometimes feel like I’m being so extra and egomaniacal about it, I can barely stand it. But I believe in it!

And speaking of the book, the launch event at Joseph Beth Booksellers here in Cincinnati last Wednesday night was AMAZING! Thank you so much to all who came out and bought books!

John Fox, the editor of my column at Cincinnati Magazine, facilitated an engaging and fun evening of conversation. We talked about why I wrote the book, the different ways to approach and define honesty, why honesty isn’t always the right answer, and what it means to be vulnerable and share a truth with someone. Friends who I haven’t seen in so long came to support me, and several family members came too. Thinking about it makes me want to cry! (Perspective-seeking Judi loves evenings like this because it only makes her case that life is very good already and there is no need to want more!)


Next Cincinnati Book Event at The Bookshelf

My next event will be at The Bookshelf, an independent bookstore that is just down the street from my house. This is a little gem of a bookstore and I am so excited about having an event right here in my community!

It will be Sunday, February 9th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. More details to follow!


Want to Order the Book?

To order the book, follow these links to buy it at your preferred bookseller, including the audiobook (which I narrated). The library is a terrific option too. If your library doesn’t have it, recommend they purchase it.

Order through IndieBound

Order through Amazon

Order through Barnes & Noble


Wondering what this book I keep talking about is all about? My latest piece for The New York Times pulls out some of the key takeaway from the book.


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