Work With Me


I write a lot of different things, for many different audiences.

My niche is writing healthcare content. But I also cover lifestyle topics and trends that intrigue me. (Example: Traveling to Iceland for a yoga retreat! That's me striking a warrior pose across the continental divide in 2022.)

I round things out by writing a fair amount of B-to-B web content for companies in various industries.

I keep the writing I do for brands separate from any journalism-type pieces I write for magazines. In other words, I avoid writing stories involving my clients or their interests.


Who Hires Me to Write Content?

Most of my clients find me via word-of-mouth referrals. The people who hire me tend to be:

  • Editors at consumer or trade publications and websites.
  • Digital marketing managers who work in healthcare.
  • Creative directors, editors, or project managers at web design, content marketing, or brand experience agencies.
  • Small business owners.

Types of Content I Produce

If you can imagine it, I can probably write it!

On any given day, I’m usually working on:

  • Web content (especially for hospital and health system websites).
  • Blog posts (I do a lot of ghost blogging).
  • Content strategy (helping create a plan for content, usually for healthcare).
  • Patient stories for magazines and websites.
  • Marketing email campaigns.
  • Video scripts.
  • Essays and other magazine/web articles.


I either charge per word (that’s long been the standard in journalism) or per project. I don’t work on retainer, but I do value long-time partnerships with clients.

If you’d like to engage me for a writing project, use the contact form. This ensures your email won’t wind up in spam.