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Today, Think About the Beach Instead


I guess we’re having some kind of polar apocalypse in the Midwest. Here in Cincinnati, my kids are home from school today and I’ve heard that the entirety of Illinois and Minnesota is shut down. I might even skip running outside today. I joke, but seriously, I know it’s life threatening for people in vulnerable situations, and I get that my inconvenience is inconsequential.

I’m pretty grounded in reality, but I practice a bit of escapism from time to time. When I can’t handle the tumult of social media, I escape into embroidery. When I think I might vomit from political news, I escape into a good Aaron Sorkin drama. And when I am cold . . . really, really cold, I think about being on the beach.

One of my favorite memories from 2018 was taking my kid to Venice Beach for a big freestyle trampoline event. I even wrote a blog post about how going to this event led me to dump a client I felt was trying to control me.

Now, I’d like to share with you the piece I wrote about the experience for Los Angeles Magazine.

If you are attracted to concepts like independence and spontaneity, I think you’ll like this piece. If you are a parent of very active kids and you are tired of getting The Look from other parents, I think you’ll like this piece. If you just want to escape from the polar vortex for a few minutes and feel like you are standing in the sand under the shade of a palm tree, I think you’ll like this piece.

Click the image or find it here.

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