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The Ideas Vs. The July


I have so many ideas right now.

I have at least five different story ideas based on the epic family vacation we took last month to San Diego, where we attended a freestyle trampoline event for my almost-11-year-old son. On top of that, I have a couple of essay ideas. I also have ideas for promoting my honesty book, which comes out December 31 (December 31, people!). I even have an idea for another book I want to write.

The problem is that a recurring project requires the best of my time and thinking right now. It’s a lucrative gig I do every July, so it’s worth letting it have all of me.

But my ideas churn in me, and it’s almost painful not to be able to work on them. It feels wasteful, too. What if they spoil, like peaches that sit on your kitchen counter too long?

I remember feeling this same way last July. I wanted to be writing my honesty book so badly, but I had to devote my time to this same yearly project. I would work out book chapters in my head on my runs and come home and jot down a few notes, just so I would remember. I am not ignoring you. I just can’t give you what you need right now, I told my ideas. Please hold until August.

And they did. Last fall was amazing and fruitful. I dedicated a solid chunk of my time to writing my book. It all worked out.

Though I have faith it will work out again, I’m also actively balancing my decision to dedicate all of my bandwidth to one project with the notion that you shouldn’t send inspiration away when it comes for you. Treating the ideas that come my way with the utmost respect and reverence is one of my guiding principles as a writer. Ideas, after all, are a gift. And gifts should be cherished.

But . . . having a busy July is a privilege. Having ample work that allows me to take care of my family is also a gift. Though it feels so ridiculously counterintuitive, it too requires respect and reverence.

So, the best I can do right now is show you a lovely little picture of my family from our San Diego trip.

Also, if you want to understand a little of the spirit of the freestyle trampoline event we went to, check out this short video from my son’s friend, Emilio. My kiddo is the small-ish one in grey shorts and no shirt who gets thrown into a double back on the beach. Don’t worry, I was standing right there, and made sure there was someone to catch him! Even if I hadn’t, someone would have caught him. That’s what this little community of theirs does.

I’ll be back with my ideas just as soon as I can! Have a lovely rest of the month.





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