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Support This Cincinnati Bookstore and Win a Copy of My Book


We’re all trying to get through this very hard, very weird, very devastating time. Give the money, help the people, sew the masks: I want to do it all, and I feel overwhelmed most days trying to figure out what to do.

I have been able to identify one easy thing so far: I want to support my local bookstore! It’s called The Bookshelf and it’s in my community of Madeira (a suburb of Cincinnati).

So, I’m doing a giveaway of my book, Would I Lie to You? The Amazing Power of Being Honest in a World That Lies, on Instagram. To enter the giveaway, you just need to buy a book (any book, kid or adult, or a puzzle or game or journal) from The Bookshelf. Then you leave a comment on my Instagram post saying what you bought. I’ll ask the winner (chosen at random) to DM me a receipt.

The Bookshelf will mail orders of $35 to the Cincinnati area for free, or you can pick up your book outside the store at the designated pickup area. I will deliver my book to whoever wins, or mail if it’s too far from where I live in Cincinnati.

The Bookshelf serves the Cincinnati area, so I realize this giveaway is rather geographically limited. I am thinking of doing another giveaway that is similar, but people just need to buy any book from their local independent bookstore. But for now, I’m focusing on my little hometown one.

Regardless of this giveaway, the main message is this: Please support your local bookstore right now! They need you! I sense we are doing more reading right now, and while I know there is a real benefit to Amazon delivery, consider calling up your local bookstore and ordering from them instead.

The picture above is a link and if you click, you’ll be taken right to my post, where you can read all details of how to enter. The giveaway ends Friday, March 27 at 5:00 EST.


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