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Pause It

I started a newsletter article this week, but it wasn’t in me. For lots of reasons. Mostly, nothing about marketing or storytelling seems that important in the wake of the awfulness of Friday.

Yes, business must go on. I definitely still have deadlines.

But still.

I’m usually all about momentum (“Are you crazy? Don’t stop!”)

However, in this space—today—I just want to pause my thoughts.

I want to take . . .

. . . a pause to hug my people. Really, really tightly.

. . . a pause to enjoy a bunch of completely full breaths. The kind where my belly gets really big and then I feel the air whoosh back out.

. . . a pause to thank some people who have made a difference in my life and/or my business this year with a note or a gift.

. . . a pause to think about something good I can create today, tomorrow, next year.

. . . a pause to appreciate—deeply. Not from my default place of fear that it might be taken away. But from a place where I just appreciate it in the moment it is.

Whatever your holiday is, take a nice, long pause to feel it.

This newsletter will be back, un-paused, the first week in January. Because I have a lot more ideas.



  • Steve

    Posted by Steve on 12/24/12 5:08am

    Thanks for sharing that.

    Hopefully everyone will slow down and take a deep look at their priorities.

    Every single problem in the world can be fixed and then we can make sure they are not repeated if we choose to be aware, think and be willing to stand for what we believe.

    Every single problem.

    And that includes internal just as external, so just as we can have a cleaner, safer, more sustainable world, we too can live lives where the focus is upon life and not shallow consumerism, competition and all the other "isms" that blind so many to what life can be.

    Peace to All,

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