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2016 Goals in Review: A Video (Plus Judi Tumbling!)


So . . . I sort of like this video blogging thing (vlogging, I believe, is the actual term). After I get beyond the fact that I look like a doofus, it’s sort of fun to experiment with the medium. I might do it more in 2017, or I might not. We’ll see.

Today’s video post is about that very thing: goals for the new year. Actually, that’s not true. It’s about reviewing what my goals were for 2016. Step one of setting new goals is checking in with how you did with your old goals.

A few things I want to mention. First, this post, A Summit of One, by my colleague Rosie Molinary, is a terrific resource for reflecting on your year and thinking about the upcoming year. I highly recommend!

Secondly, in the video below, I mention that finding “the loving reason” behind things was one of my goals for 2016. I neglected to mention that this idea comes from my brilliant friend and writing colleague, Kate Hanley. This is one piece she’s written about looking for the loving reason (though I’ve been hearing her talk about it for years—she is my go-to person for it)!

So, the first video below is me recapping 2016 goals. The second is a bonus video of  me tumbling. I figure I can’t just tell you about how fun it was to meet one of my goals. I should show you. You’ve been warned.

And now, for the bonus video!

Have a great rest of 2016!


  • Clifford

    Posted by Clifford on 12/22/16 12:11am

    Peter Vidmar, highest scoring male in US history, "10" on pommel horse, 9,84 overall would be proud of you.

    I am too. YOU risked, did something original among your peers, and did it with virtuosity. That's his ROV for being an Olympic star...

    Yeah for you.


    • Judi Ketteler

      Posted by Judi Ketteler on 12/22/16 2:54pm

      Thanks, Clifford!
      - Judi

  • Rosie Molinary

    Posted by Rosie Molinary on 12/22/16 2:49pm

    Love love the term "soul goal." Adding that to how I structure my 2017 goals. And also appreciate the idea of loving reasons (though may need a tutorial in how to find the loving reasons in some of my muck). YOur tumbling video Is so awesome--- totally inspiring. And, finally, thanks for sharing the summit!

    • Judi Ketteler

      Posted by Judi Ketteler on 12/22/16 2:55pm

      Glad to share my soul goal idea!
      I LOVE your ideas about the end of year summit. I'll be doing it next week. So many good ideas for how to reflect on the year. Even just looking through my day planner--simple as it sounds, I'm not sure I would have thought to do that. So thank YOU!
      - Judi

  • Daryle C. Tibbs

    Posted by Daryle C. Tibbs on 12/22/16 3:36pm

    You probably don't remember me but I read your blog every time it comes into my email box. You do a great job of putting marketing into perspective for me and it is great to read about it in a way that doesn't directly apply to me but that can be applied indirectly to my life in so many ways.

    • Judi Ketteler

      Posted by Judi Ketteler on 12/22/16 3:42pm

      I do remember you! We met at a networking event, I think way up in Harrison? I seem to remember you telling a story that you got into law because a relative had some issues with the law and you saw that people needed good representation. (I always remember stories!) Thanks for your kind words!
      - Judi

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