Iacono Productions

iacono logoIacono Productions first contacted me in the spring of 2011 to see if I would be interested in scriptwriting for a live corporate event.

I had no idea what they were talking about, but it sounded fun, so I said yes. That first experience (writing for a Longaberger Baskets show) was a whirlwind, but I learned so much, so fast! I’ve been writing for them ever since, for a wide variety of clients, such as Origami Owl, Petco, Scentsy, World Choir Games, and Omnicare. I’m humbled at how much trust they put in me to work directly with their clients and be an integral part of the team, from the early stages of script content development through the final wrap. Doing this kind of work has not only taught me to write for stage and capture a myriad of voices, it’s taught me what it means to be part of a team.

“What I really like about Judi is her unique insight to get to know her client and audience as best she can before she even writes her first word. She does her homework thoroughly and asks the right questions. Judi is one that you can confidently put in front of the client and know that she can carry that meeting to get the important information needed to write great scripts. She is very well organized and willing to meet anytime to review content. One of the things that differentiates a good writer from a great writer is their ability to get inside the head of the person they’re writing for – to be able to capture their thoughts in their words and transcend those into great working scripts. Judi has that capability and that’s why I always look forward to working with her.”

– Steve Werling, Producer/Media Director, Iacono Productions


"I can’t imagine our annual convention without Judi on the team. She is an expert at finding just the right message in a mountain of information. Then she works closely with our presenters to develop scripts that are targeted and flawless. It is an art that I am astonished by every year! Judi brings her amazing writing talent, creativity and sense of calm to every event – I wouldn’t want to do it without her!"

— Audra Jones, Senior Director of Events, Origami Owl