Cincinnati Children's

I work with the Video Manager at Cincinnati Children’s to help tell some of their fantastic stories. I produce various kinds of videos for CCHMC, from patient stories to marketing pieces for specific service lines. I do background research, partner with staff and freelance videographers to conduct interviews on location, write voice over scripts, choose soundbites from interview footage, and stitch together the video's narrative structure in a cohesive outline, so it’s ready for the video editor to cut together.

I've gathered some of my favorite videos below.

This video, Traveling with Faith, tells the story of a sparkling girl named Faith, and how much her life has changed after her kidney transplant. I loved every minute I got to spend with this wonderful family.


This video is about The Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children's. I interviewed the doctors and pulled out their quotes, helped coordinate some of the B-roll shots, and wrote the voice over that stitched it together.


For this video about Scoliosis Surgery at Cincinnati Children's, I interviewed the doctors and the patient (a lovely young woman named Franny), and worked to tell the story of scoliosis surgery as succinctly as possible through her voice, voice over, and doctor commentary.


Celebrating a Sickle Cell Research Pioneer is about the work of Dr. Marilyn Hughes Gaston, who led a breakthrough clinical trial that forever changed the way we treat sickle cell disease. I interviewed Dr. Gaston's colleagues, and gathered favorite memories of her to tell the story.


I fell in love with the family featured in Hearing Aids for Axl! This video documents Axl's journey to getting hearing aids, highlighting the amazing work of the audiologists at Cincinnati Children's. I interviewed the family and the audiologist, went to one of Axl's appointments, and wrote the voice over that pulled it together.


Audiology at Cincinnati Children's looks broadly at how audiologists help children experience the magic of the world through improving their hearing. I interviewed several audiologists, helped coordinate B-roll shots, and wrote a voice over that pulled the various pieces of the story together.