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There is something about the freshness of a new page that is so¬† . . . inspiring. And energizing. You can say anything you want. It’s pure opportunity, unedited. In a few days, we get a metaphorical new page, with the new year.

But you can make a new page anytime you want. That opportunity is always there.

Like how about now?

What if you had a page on your site that was purely for storytelling? A page where you got to say all of the most important stuff about why you do what you do and who you help and what difference it all makes? A page that helped drive business and attract clients and customers?

I’m talking about your “About Us” page. Almost every web site has one. But hardly any of them are actually about much of anything. Instead of stories, inspiration, and motivation, they’re canned-sounding bios, rehashing the facts of public record. Too many “About” pages are just there by default. Wasted opportunities to take a stand, tell a story, and connect with people.

I know that writing a great “About” page isn’t easy. In fact, people have been asking me for a while if I have some sort of template or something.

But templates—when it comes to writing your story—are basically crap.

But what can work is following a process.

That’s why I took the last several months to extract the process from my head (the very same process I use in my BrandStory package) and turn it into a product that can help you—not just to write a better about page, but also to develop your brand story.

I’m so excited by what I came up with: The About Page Writing Guide: How to Drive Business by Telling Your Story.

This hard-working guide is for business owners and marketing managers who are ready to claim this valuable piece of real estate on their site, and truly do something different with their About page. Something better.

Something that will help them connect with clients and customers—and drive business.

That’s what it’s about: driving business.

But to do that, you have to tell your story. With The About Page Writing Guide, I’ll walk you through the storytelling process step by step. It’s a chance to follow the same process I use with branding clients for like five percent of what I usually charge clients to help them create their brand story.

Also, I’m really thrilled to use this product to support an organization that’s doing very important work in my community: Brighton Center. I’m giving 10 percent of every sale to Brighton Center—and in the month of December, I will personally match all funds raised by sales of the guide. There is also special pricing for the month of December—so definitely check it out now!

Your About page is an incredible chance to tell your story and drive business. Start a fresh page now, and get the new year off to the right kind of start.

Here’s that link again:

I'll be back with a regular article next week! Happy New Year!

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