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Extraordinary Content: A Video

Have you noticed how much content there is in the world?

Here’s what I think: more of it should be extraordinary.

Not all of it

Some content can be ordinary. Some can simply do the minimum of what content needs to do. A solid “C” grade.

But the pieces of content that could be extraordinary really should be extraordinary.

Don’t you think?

And no, I’m not talking about weird dance videos that go viral.

I’m talking about the work of creating really high-quality, story-based content that moves people in some way—enriches them, inspires them, challenges them, teaches them, or shares a slice of life that sticks with them.

In writing for organizations of all sizes, from nonprofit associations to big corporations to small businesses, I’ve gotten the chance to see the inner workings of how content can break away from the “minimum” and become extraordinary. I’ve learned that it comes down to FIVE THINGS.

What are they?

Watch my new video to find out!


behind the scenes video

I’m so excited to finally share this brand new video with you! It’s the new bedrock of my brand. Watch it by clicking here or on the photo above. You’ll land back on my home page, where you will have to click the “play” button (I am not an auto-play kind of brand). I don’t do a handstand in this one, but I do roll in a chair and drink coffee!

I hope you’ll watch this new video of mine, and then share the link with anyone who needs a little shot of inspiration. Because I’m interested in working with the organizations who are committed to extraordinary content.

PS. Wondering where my other videos went (including the "tell your story" video that used to be on the home page)? They're all right here, on my videos page.


  • Nancy Porras

    Posted by Nancy Porras on 04/15/15 6:25pm


    The link to the video does not work. It says the content is not available.


    • Judi Ketteler

      Posted by Judi Ketteler on 04/15/15 6:29pm

      Hmm, that's strange. Try just going to my home page: It should load.

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