The New York Times

I'm a frequent contributor to the Well section of The New York Times. I write essays about running and yoga, my family, conquering inner demons, and trying to be a better person.

  • Connecting, Mid-Air, With My 8-Year-Old Son is about jumping on the trampoline with my son, Max. Max is a boy's boy, and it's hard to find ways to hang out with him. When he started flipping, we found our thing!
  • How Honesty Could Make You Happier is about what I learned keeping an honesty journal. I am currently working on a book about what it means to live a more honest life.
  • If Life Has You Down, Do a Handstand is about the joy of doing handstands (especially when the world seems upside-down).
  • A Running Conversation With My Brother is about how my brother, Paul, became a kind of running companion for me after he passed away. You know that family member who is different from everyone else and you struggle to understand? That was Paul. It was only through talking to him during my runs that I began to understand him (and myself) a bit better.
  • I Would Never Run a Women-Only Race. Until I Did is about my experience running The Queen Bee Half Marathon. It’s about how I came to terms with what women-only events represent for me.
  • A Marital Spat Over Running Shoes is a tongue-and-cheek piece about how I decided to hire a running coach to stop heel-striking because I was tired of fighting with my husband about buying running shoes so frequently.