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Resilience Looks Like This: One Alaska Native Woman's Journey to Help Her People

I was honored to tell the story of Dr. Siobhan Wescott. Dr. Wescott is the director of American Indian Health at University of Nebraska Medical Center, and is one of the few Native people in the U.S. to hold an endowed professorship. She's trying to change the conversation around public health when it comes to indigenous populations, and especially Alaska Native people. 


One Man is Sounding the Alarm After Yardwork Almost Killed Him

In 2021, I learned about a man in my neighborhood who was in the hospital, fighting for his life, after coming into contact with poison hemlock. The family graciously agreed to share their story for this piece for Good Housekeeping. (If you can't read the story online, you can see this PDF.)


Some Kids are Making MilIions as YouTube Stars, But is the Fame Worth It?

I wrote this piece for GoodHousekeeping.com about how YouTube fame can affect families. I was lucky enough to get to chat with three fantastic moms, who each shared the story of their talented YouTube creator.

I was inspired to report and write the story because I have two "Generation Z" kids myself. Instead of demonizing this world of YouTube and content creation which so captivates them, I'd like to understand it a bit better.


Good Housekeeping Gymnastics EssayIn January of 2016, I started doing gymnastics again–at 41 years old!

I wrote about the experience of being back in the gym as an adult and sold the essay to Good Housekeeping magazine, for the January 2017 issue.

You can read the piece here (it will open as a PDF).

(And yes, that is me doing a handstand!)