Cincinnati BBB


The Cincinnati Better Business Bureau is one of the most well-developed BBBs in the nation. They knew that they had a great story to tell—but felt that their current marketing (part of which was based on the national brand) just wasn’t telling the story in a compelling way.

They approached me to help them with their story (while still staying within the brand standards set by national brand). They wanted to start marketing themselves locally around more of WHY they do what they do (versus just WHAT they do). I took them through an intense discovery process, interviewing several employees and board members, trying to get to the heart of  their WHY. And then, it was a matter of articulating it, and I wrote various pieces for them (such as elevator pitches, newsletters, and video scripts) that truly put WHY in the center. I also wrote speeches for President/CEO Jocile Ehrlich

“We had always defined BBB by what we do and not why we do it, and struggled when asked why BBB existed.  I realized being able to communicate the answer to “why?” was a critical issue and needed to be addressed. I hired Judi because of her storytelling ability. She found something in our history that we thought wasn’t important and built a story around it—which we now use in our elevator speeches, presentations and marketing materials.  She saw the trees while we could only see the woods.”

— Michael Dawson, VP Marketing & Public Relations, Cincinnati BBB