Carmel Manor

carmel manor screenshot

I knew firsthand what Carmel Manor was about, because they took care of my dad for the last four months of his life. I saw it every day in the eyes of the staff, in the conversations in the hallway, and in the amazing care my dad received. But I didn’t see it in their brand, and I wanted to help Carmel Manor tell that story in a stronger way and develop a new, more modern site.

I worked with administrator Sister Diane Mack and some of the other key staff people to help them get clear on the heart of their story. They already knew it – they just needed help finding the words and the voice around it. I developed a new verbal brand identity for them, including a new tag line, a new site map, and completely new copy. I pulled in designer Beth Kaiser to design a WordPress site (so they could easily update it) and Brill Creative to shoot new photography that would bring Carmel Manor to life on the page. Ultimately, we created a brand new web site for Carmel Manor – one that truly showcases their brand and mission.

“In looking at our web site, we realized it was dated and that we needed to “tell our story” to the public, but did not know how or where to begin. Judi was a blessing to us. She was able to draw out what we wanted to say and articulate it in such a way that our mission of caring for people came alive! Her enthusiasm was infectious, and her ability to organize our concepts of what we do was amazing. She has the vision and insight to stimulate the client’s thinking, and asks the leading questions that create an accurate portrayal of the organization. We are thrilled with the results and cannot thank her enough.”

 — Sister Diane Mack – Administrator, Carmel Manor